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-Hot Smoked Fillets
(2 - 2.75 lbs per pack).
Item #1 - These succulent sides of salmon come out of the hot smoker to be quickly chilled to maintain their marvelous wood smoked flavor. Packaged as slabs, they come to you in a sealed plastic freezer bag to ensure freshness.
Choice of Traditional or the New CAJUN SMOKED Flavor!
Current Market: $27.00 per lbs
Cajun Flavor: $27.00 per lbs
- Hot Smoked Portions
(4-6 oz each, 16 oz package)
Item #2 - Our portions of smoked salmon go through the same smoking and chilling process as their big brother fillets. Once smoked they are packaged in 16 Oz. packages as shown.

Choice of Traditional or the new CAJUN SMOKED Flavor!
Current Market: $28.00 per lbs
Cajun Flavor: $28.00 per lbs

- Hot Smoked Salmon Sticks
(3-4 oz each, 5 per pack)
Item #3 - Just in time for the holidays or any special occasion, smoked salmon sticks. These treats are really delightful and will surprise the most discerning guests at any table.
Choice of Traditional or the New CAJUN SMOKED Flavor!
Current Market: $27.00 per lbs
Cajun Flavor: $27.00 per lbs

- Cold Smoked Portions
(1 lbs package).
Item #4 - The more delicate cold smoked portions come in slightly larger individual pieces than the hot smoked portions but, share the subtle cold smoked flavor of the fillets.
Current Market: $27.00 per lbs.
Hot Smoked Salmon Dip
(10 oz pack)
Item #5 - Here's a real treat for any occasion - - smoked salmon portions blended with cream cheese, sour cream and Jalapeno peppers yields a delicious dip that is fit for any cracker! You and your guests will delight at this new creamy and tangy flavor of our newest creation. It's no common recipe as we're sure you and your 'Ritz' will agree..
Current Price: $15.00 per package
Smoked Haddock
(1 lbs pack)
Item #6 - Smoked Haddock, also known as Finnan Haddie, is our latest addition to our line of fine smoked products. Done fresh daily using our special smoking methods, we produce a delicate and delightful smoked treat made from only the finest and fattest filets. Using a special salting and smoking process we are able to reproduce that robust and tangy treat brought over by our Scottish fore bearers. You'll notice a less salty flavor and a more flaky texture as you delight in our boneless, skinless 'Downeast' version of Finnan Haddie. You can possibly find smoked haddock cheaper, but you'll never find it better.
Current Price: $27.00 per package.
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Attention Wholesalers: Maine-ly Smoked Salmon would like to extend its welcome to wholesale markets. We consider a wholesale market as a 10lbs. or greater sale on a regular basis for resale purposes. We would like to offer our products at low prices to restaurants and deli's and vendors in all food courts. These products can be used to enhance your menu and make a profit as well. Please contact us and we will go out of our way to supply your marketing successes. Feel free to ask us for our marketing advice. We will share our knowledge and information on sale technics and safe handling procedures. As well as recipes for restaurants and delis that have made others profitable, utalizing our smoked salmon products.
John W. Constant
Owner & Operator
Maine-ly Smoked Salmon

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