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Farmed Fresh Atlantic Salmon . .

MAINE-LY SMOKED SALMON™ gets its fish from salmon farms from all over the world. These farm-raised salmon are of the highest quality and absolutely fresh when they reach the smoking operation.

The salmon begin their growth process in a hatchery as 'green eggs'. Then the hatched fry are fed a highly nourishing diet to accelerate their growth. It takes about 18 months of growth to get the fish to a point where they can be transferred to the ocean pens. At the Smelt stage they are transitioned to salt farms. The fish will spend the additional 18 months needed to grow to their market weight of 6 - 11 pounds under careful monitoring and constant feeding.




  To meet government handling and processing regulations (HAACP), the fish must be kept in closely monitored temperature ranges through-out the processing and shipping. While being transported, the fish must be refrigerated or chilled between 33° and 40° F. To do this the salmon arrive at the smoke house in special ice-filled shipping containers.


The salmon are kept in the ice until ready for processing.



The fish are cut into fillets, trimmed and then carefully pin-boned.


Cleaned, brined for 12 hours and ready for the smoker, the fish are racked and then placed into the hot or cold smoking cabinet. A sweet apple wood is used for smoking giving the salmon a sweet and subtle flavor.



The oven is kept at a constant temperature throughout the processing. Hot Smoking demands that the fish be cooked to an internal temperature of 150 - 155°F. The result is a hearty smoked flavor and a flaky texture. Cold Smoking requires a temperature of not more than 70°F . The cold smoked meat will be sweeter and the texture more silky and easy to slice. Either product will satisfy you thoroughly.



The result is a smoked salmon product that is absolutely the finest to be found anywhere.



Some of the hot smoked options, our 6 oz. portions or our specialty "Salmon Sticks".


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